The Armenian Genocide 1915-1923

The purpose and the mission of is to raise and spread awareness about 1915 Armenian Genocide. Our website comes as an advocate for the world to know the real happenings of the massacre carried out by Ottoman Empire. Our main goal is to empower with accurate information, avoid misconceptions and fallacies about Armenian Genocide, and talk with facts that might have been misinterpretedalong the way. Also, this website is built in honor of the history, in honor of remembrance of all the innocent victims of massacre. We aim to keep the history alive, our tears remembered and fight the Turkish, denial. We advocate for commemoration, international recognition and justice.

Armenian Genocide Map

In pursuit of our goals we mapped the website in a way that one can easily collect the exact information looked for. The construction is made up of pages/sections, each titled in a way that will help you with easy access of materials. Buy looking them all up you will have a rooted and deep understanding of Armenian Genocide when and how it all started, the timeline and the course of the massacre, information about today's racing tips free
the guilty ones that were direct implementers of the annihilation. You will find the archived documents of great powers during the genocide, take a look at the horrifying gallery of the carnage, get acquainted with maps, bibliography and resources, read about international recognition, know what states and organizations stood by Armenia’s side and offered their support all the way, also read about the genocide survivors, reparations and annual commemoration of Armenians’ ethnic cleansing.

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