Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide History

The events and endeavours that led to actual massacres of Armenians by Young Turks, under the Ottoman Empire during 1915-1916-ies started long ago before 1908. The chronology of Armenian Genocide (MecYeghern), the first genocide of 20-th century is divided into 4 stages: events that were prerequisites of real slaughter and took place before 1908, next phase covers happenings of the years 1908-1904, the culmination and actual killings that occurred during 1915-1916 and the aftermath that involves the years after 1916.

In 1877 as a result of ordinal Russian-Turkish war a Treaty of San-Stefano has been signed, according to which one of Armenian provinces, the province of Kars, was to be yielded to Russia and Turkey was to make economic and political reforms in the areas populated by Armenians. This was probably the best solution form Armenians at that time. Conversely, the Western powers, troubled by success and power-rise of Russia in that region, offered to start new negotiations in Berlin between inconsistent sides. During Berlin dialogues, the plan of Armenian reforms was dispersed to Turkey solitary. That was the time that raised the “Armenian Issue” or “Armenian Cause”, which disguised that European powers would assist Armenians and improve their condition.

Nevertheless, Armenians were betrayed once more, European countries used their Cause to destroy overpower of Turks, and the Turkish Government espoused a new strategy towards Armenian nation. Turkey decided on the most vicious, inhuman and cruel approach for resolving the Armenian Cause-the thorough termination of Armenian nation form ground. For that matter special gangster groups were formed called “Hamide” that were ordered to destroy and invade all Armenian provinces. The Armenian-chasing strategy was organised and implemented by Sultan Abdul Hamid II. The first massive slaughter of Armenians was initiated in 1895-1896 and then the killings spread to other villages and settlements of Turkish Armenia. At that time nearly 300 thousand innocent Armenians were exterminated and almost that many Armenians had to leave the country and escaped to Russia, USA and different countries of Asia and Europe. And about 200 thousand Christian Armenians were forced to reject Christianity and adopt Islam.

In the year of 1908 “Young Turks” literally grasped the power in coup d’etat and they were supported by some Armenian political parties as well.Conversely the creed of “pan-Turkism” was being inserted in Ottoman policy. It was all about merging and creating an alliance of all Turkish speaking people into solitary state and total destruction of other nations that were in in the middle of their way. From April 1-14 of the year of 1909 the major mass annihilation of Armenians of the Adana province was organised and implemented by “Young Turks” and nearly 30 thousand Armenians were inhumanely massacred. After those events the extermination of Armenians intensified and the killings of Adana were followed by a meeting of “Young Turks” in 1911 where they made a verdict of “Ottomanisation” of entire population of Turkey and it was more than clear that it was going to be achieved brutally by arms and killings. Therefore whole Ottoman Empire was preparing to ultimate slaughter of Armenian nation governed and led by Taleat Pasha, Enver Pasha, Jemal Pasha, BeheddinSHakir Bay and many other assassins.

Young Turks” party chose to implement the annihilation in 3 segments. First, all Armenian males aged 15-45 were forced to join the army. They were entirely neutralised from weapons and murdered in distinct groups that consisted of 50-100 people. The second stage involved the carnage of Armenian political, cultural, and intellectual bests. Turks took away the hope and the power of Armenians. The slaughter of the “brains” started in Constantinople, on April 24 1915, and already by April 30 about 800 of them were tortured and killed like dogs. The third phase of genocide as conceived by “Young Turks” was the pogrom of innocent and unprotected part of Armenian population that was left; the majority of them were women, children elderly people. Their killings were implemented through death tramps, deportations through the desert of Der-Zhor. Armenian people were either forced to reject Christianity or be murdered. All the despicable “miscellanies” of Armenians were forced to march to death through the hot Mesopotamian dessert. Almost 1 500 000 Armenians were exterminated during 1915-1916-population of 60 towns and more than 2000 villages.

Sadly, the Turkish crime did not end there. During the year of 1918 Turkish troops invaded in Transcaucasia and about 500 000 Armenians became their victims. After Kemal took over the Government in 1920-ies, again 250 000 Armenians were slaughtered. So if summing up, during the years of 1895-1922 over 2 and a half million Armenians were massacred. What is it if not genocide?

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