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Turkey Genocide Denial

Not taking into consideration the massive expanse of facts and evidence that arguments the historical genuineness of Armenian Genocide in 1915-survivor’s testimonies and stories, many eyewitnesses’ reports, press coverage of that times, official documents, reports of envoys, photographic facts, the obvious and deliberate denial policy of Turkey has launched right after the slaughter if 1915 and continues to this present day.

The main arguments have remained the same for a long time now. Simple, Turkey has never done that, has never massacred 1.5 million Armenians, it was World War I and many people died as a consequence. The term “Genocide” doesn’t relate to the atrocities of 1915. Even though the arguments have remained the same, the tactics and methods of denial policy have changed and perfected over the years. In the times right after the Word War I was over, the leaders of “Young Turks” party used the method of finding the blames, scapegoats to fault them for what they said was solely for safety measures that appeared to go off-centre due to war and unprincipled army officials or Kurds. This tactic was replaced by an effort to escape and elude from the whole issue, by keeping long, still silence, all possible political and diplomatic pressuring efforts and approaches. All “three Pashas”-Taleat Bay, Enver Pasha and Djemal, escaped and a few years later all died. And as an example of political pressures, that Turkey is gladly using today as well, 1930 comes to mind, when government of Turkey pressured the US State Department to forbid and prevent the intentions of MGM studios to produce a movie based on Franz Werfel’s “40 Days of Musa Ler”, a book that clearly portrayed features and fragments of Genocide in the area of West Antiok.

On April 24, 1960, on the 50-th anniversary of Commemoration of the victims of Armenian genocide, Turkey was attempting to influence and encourage the media, journalists, public officials and even teachers to believe in what Turkey’s government was telling-“the other side of the story”. All foreign scholars who were studying the case of Armenian Genocide were fortified to revise the history and reconsider the records of genocide, in advance presenting them an interpretation of the story, blaming Armenians and war conditions, that took away more lives of Turks than Armenians and that they gave away more victims that Armenian nation. Afterwards, Turkey was using all possible method to forbid any kind of remark about Armenian Genocides in the report of United Nations and Turkish government had succeeded on pressuring the presidents of United State-Bush and Reagan and their administrations in conquering all Congress-made resolutions that anyway nominated April 24-th a national day of Armenian Genocide Commemoration. Using the same tactic of pressuring, Turkish government also made efforts to prevent American textbooks from mentioning the term or anything else about Armenian Genocide. Even more resilient efforts were made to avert any possible discussion of the events of 1915 to be officially comprised in the curriculum of social studies as a portion of Holocaust and other genocides studies.

Turkish government also attempted to disturb and prevent all sort of academic and educational conferences, debates or other public discussions on the topic Of Armenian Genocide. One such prominent example when Turkish officials attempted to force annulment of Tel Aviv Conference in1982 where the issue of Armenian Genocide was going to be discussed. The threated the safety of Jews in Turkey. At the same time, the government of Turkey sought after making an utter and clear difference between the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide, labelling it as “unproven”, “supposed” and “so-called”. However, there is enough of evidence and facts proving the genuineness of Armenian Genocide and the support of international community by its recognition one day will bring Turkey to the point of accepting that their ancestors committed genocide and all the proper reparations will be paid. Denial is not an everlasting solution.